Can't make it to Mt. Dora to drop off your Chickys?

If you just can't make it to Mt. Dora on Sunday morning then you need to make arrangements to drop your Chicky's off.  I will gladly work with you on a time and day to deliver them to me in Clermont.  Please contact me to make arrangments.

Remember, there is a $5/day charge for keeping the Chicky's beyond the one week period. 

Returning Chicky's 

to Mt. Dora 

​... And now for the hard part :(

You've enjoyed your week with your amazing little fluffy Chicky's and now its time to return them.  

I know its going to be really hard for some of you, but just know you can always come back and do it again. Each time is amazing and memorable.

​Rent - A - Chicky