Thank you for taking on the responsibility of caring for my adorable baby Chickys this week. I wanted to share a few things with you to make this week the best week for you, your Chickys and your parents.  You may be wondering why you get 2 Chickys.  You get 2 Chickys because they love having a buddy.  Your Chickys will grow quite a bit during the week and you will observe changes in color, size, feathers, wings and other things.  I like to photograph mine daily to see the changes over time and of course for my parents to post on-line with #Rentachicky.  By following these simple guidelines you will be rewarded with a life-time of good Chicky memories.

If you follow these guidelines your week with your baby Chickys will be very fun, rewarding and memorable (in a positive way).  I hope that you have a wonderful experience with your Chickys, but should something go wrong please contact me and I will do whatever I can to help.

Enjoy your Chickys! 

​Rent - A - Chicky

  1. Play with them in and out of the Chick-A-Tat if the environment is safe and warm. The more attention you give them, the more they will give you.  You will know they are attached to you once they begin to follow you around and cuddle with you 
  2. Please keep the lid on the Chick-A-Tat at all times, especially when the Chick-A-Tat is elevated.  Chickys learn how to jump within a few days and can jump out of the Chick-A-Tat if not covered.
  3. Check food and water daily and change the water daily.  Fill food as needed
  4. If your Chickys begin to peep louder or more than normal, please give them immediate attention.  It’s most likely a sign that they are:
    • Cold
    • Hurt or trapped
    • Separated from each other
    • Out of food and water
  5. Replace bedding (paper towels) every morning so Chickys have a fresh, clean and healthy environment
  6. Keep Light plugged in 24/7.  The Chick-A-Tat should provide a warm environment at about 90-100 degrees on the “hot side” under the light.  Please do not put the Chick-A-Tat where the ambient outside temperature will drop below 65 degrees or go above 85 degrees
  7. Do not leave Chick-A-Tat in the sun as it will cause the environment to overheat and cause harm to the Chickys
  8. Protect your Chickys from other pets and wild animals.  Remember, your Chickys are just a few days old and need your protection to be safe. 
  9. Hold your Chickys close to the ground, sometimes they squirm and jump so you don’t want them to fall from high heights which can injure them
  10. Do not put Chickys in water, they are meant to be dry and warm.
  11. If something should happen to your water dish, please replace with a similar sized one, Chickys can easily drown even in a dish of water
  12. Make sure your friends and family know how to handle the Chickys before letting them hold them
  13. It is ok to let them run and play for a few minutes outside of the Chick-A-Tat, just make sure that the environment is warm and safe for them to do so. 
  14. I like to play with my Chickys on the back screened in porch on hot sunny days.
  15. Remember, Dogs, cats and other pets will be very curious and can easily harm the Chickys even if they don’t mean to.
  16. Do not bring reptiles near Chickys (especially snakes)
  17. Be on the lookout for birds of prey above or around you